Lactuca – New Site, So Close

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I’m getting quite a few questions about the prospective new Lactuca Urban Farm site, so figured I’d share where things are at. The quick answer: it’s in Inglewood and we’re in the process of negotiating the lease. Although nothing’s a done deal, we’re very near the end of the process. Perhaps I need to back up a bit. Travis and … Read More

Episode 58 – Veg Glean

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This one was a year in the works. Way back when, while shooting Episode 23 at Riverbend Gardens, I was enlightened to the situation that is common at vegetable farms in the fall: harvests fill up storage capacity, labour is relieved for the season, and anything left in the ground becomes compost-in-place. Sensible, really. Wouldn’t make sense to try to … Read More

Late September Salad Greens

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I find I’ve been under-representing how much I’ve dived head first into salad greens production for market with Travis from LACTUCA. It’s been a weekly harvest and seeding gig for the past few months, and I’ve learned loads, about zero of which I’ve documented here. Can’t win them all I guess. I blame spending most every waking hour in the … Read More

Episode 32 – Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes

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It being February and quite possibly a particularly early spring, I was contemplating my annual seed potato order from Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes when it dawned on me that perhaps I should go check them out. So I did. I knew they’d be filling my order in the next couple months, so they had to be busy prepping for that … Read More

Tomato Vintage

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This year’s tomato vintage sports both pretty substantial fails and victories, but on the whole, it’s a win. First, the good. I planted space that wasn’t in production last year, on the south side of my garage along the alley. ‘Aren’t you worried people will steal your crop?’, asked many. I figure if they need it that bad, have it. … Read More

Garden Harvest…still?

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One of my goals this past gardening season was to extend our harvest, and provision more of our veg from our garden via our newly built root cellar – which I checked this morning and was sitting at 1.1C. I’m very pleased. We’re already vastly enjoying the luxury of having a passively cooled walk-in fridge, and the winter’s hardly started. … Read More