Bacon, tenderloin, chanterelles, oh my!

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From front to back on the plate: sautéed chanterelles, bacon [home-made] wrapped calf moose tenderloin, evans cherry [from a friend of mine] compote, mashed potato [garden] with chive [from Sonora island], and a baby romaine salad with a vinaigrette made from my new red wine vinegar. I’d never combined bacon and game. Surprise, surprise. It’s good. For my brother’s birthday … Read More

Calf Offal Night 2007

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Last night was an accomplishment, if for no other reason than that all the meats – absolutely all of them – would normally be coyote and magpie food. This year, in an effort to make as much use of the animal as possible, I took as much offal as I could. Yen and I got together to see what we … Read More

Calf Moose Ribs

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A’ite. Now normally, the week of butchering is consumed with eating fresh tenderloin. And I’m all about the tenderloin, but in I’ve already had bull moose, cow elk, and bull bison tenderloins from this year’s ‘harvest’. Time for a change. Plus, I was super-stoked to try one of the products created with my new toy. The photo does not capture … Read More