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Me: ‘Hey grandpa, other than tongue, liver, and heart, have you eaten any other big game ‘offal’?’ Grandpa: “…twice I cooked “Moose-Nose” stew. It is not an easy procedure, and I do not recommend it…but, I had to try it. It tasted much like a chicken stew…with white meat. “ My grandpa has some old-school culinary nads. He’s a retired … Read More

Family Food Traditions

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Let me illustrate my stupidity. I’ve studied and eaten the regional traditional foods of most regions of France, Tuscany, Liguria, Bohemia, Catalonia, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Flanders, Wallonia, England, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. I’ve spent lots of time and money doing so. Not that I regret it – but here’s where my stupidity comes in. Amdist my ambitions to … Read More

Calf Moose Burger

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I get rather long-winded about regional foods at times. So here’s me, stepping up to the plate [no pun intended]: calf moose [harvested in Alberta], Alberta beef, garden onion and herbs, farm egg from Saskatchewan. Reaching on the egg from Saskatchewan, not so regional, but it’s what I had. And yes, I know virtually nobody has access to wild ‘veal’, … Read More

2nd Annual Game Dinner Eve

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Last year my dad asked me if I’d be willing to cook a multi-course dinner featuring the different game birds and big game that he and his friends hunt. It was a really memorable party. 7 courses, lots of drinking, and lots of being merry. It far exceeded expectations. So tonight, we’re hosting the follow up to this event. I … Read More

Food Photos

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fried calf moose meatballs with parmesan and olive oil calf moose top sirloin in butter and red wine reduction on porcini risotto and spinach. cherry-smoked elk and calf moose sausage chili sauce art

No dice

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I just got back today from the last big game hunt of the year. We spent a couple days hunting elk, and a day hunting boar. I saw wild boar track for the first time and saw how they fed under 2-3 feet of snow. Interesting stuff. I also saw three bull elk, a cow elk, a bunch of cow … Read More