No more butchering posts, promise.

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Today was the 5th big-game animal of the year, and I’m glad we’re done. It’s a lot of darn work. In the photo: calf elk cuts. Front to back: loin strips & tenderloin, then a pile of blade and shoulder, then a pile of round and rump, then a pile of sirloin tip and boneless shank. They were all laid … Read More

Why is this relevant, you ask?

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This is relevant because it is a nearly 7′ wide set of oil paintings of an area of Italy that is very dear to our hearts. It’s on the road between San Giovanni d’Asso and Montisi in Tuscany, and painted by the very talented Thaneah Krohn. For they who have been, the mountain in the back is Mont Amiata. This … Read More