Calf Hunt 2007, Days 4 & 5

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The picture, as it often does, says it all. I’m lucky I have a non-blurry picture for all my jumping up and down with excitement. We had a tough hunt. Not including the 900 km to get there and back, I figure we drove about 900 km per vehicle, seeing lots of jack squat. Last year, we saw 62 moose … Read More

Calf Hunt 2007 Day 3

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This morning was action packed. There’s 4 of us, and we travel in 2 vehicles. My dad and I in one, and a cousin and good friend in the other. My dad spotted a cow-calf in a field headed for this bush, [translation, cow with calf, as opposed to a ‘dry-cow’, meaning not nursing a calf], which sent us into … Read More

Calf Hunt 2007 Day 2

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Today was opening day of the calf moose season in this area. We saw 2 deer. That’s it. We saw about 6 other hunters. Zero moose. Last year we saw 62 moose in two days. Luckily, our morale was saved by spotting a calf and cow moose. In somebody’s yard. So couldn’t touch ’em. And then, 15 minutes after legal … Read More

It is fall, therefore I am tired.

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Photo of the day: some lovely baking from Manuel Latrouwe in Calgary. Any place that makes a seriously good pain au chocolat is in my good books. I’m back, recuperating from my holiday, and getting pounded by a million and one demands at work. Fall always seems to be busy at work, with gardening harvest, and with hunting and game … Read More

On Wild Goose & Duck

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I love domestic goose and duck – so fatty, rich, and delicious. Sadly, their wild counterparts are none of the above. So what do they taste like? How should they be prepared? Questions that I’ve had for a while, and despite efforts online and at the library, only experience is starting to provide some answers. In the past few years, … Read More