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Tonight will be the first frost. This evening was nuts, digging many kilos of potatoes for a party Saturday, yellow beans, carrots, rutabaga, baby dill, herbs for my field breakfast tomorrow morning. I found a few more shaggy manes, and of course, you have to clean and cook them immediately. Had to round up my hunting gear. I’m going to … Read More

Antipasti-pasta & Poached Peaches

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Some food bloggers have ‘standards’ and only publish wonderful content. Not me. I post everything, whether it’s good or not. Tonight’s dinner was an ‘antipasti-pasta’. See, we stock up at the local Italian market on Friday mornings – immediately following an espresso and fresh pastry [we show up when they open, and the pastries are melty, but that’s another story]. … Read More


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Me: ‘Hey grandpa, other than tongue, liver, and heart, have you eaten any other big game ‘offal’?’ Grandpa: “…twice I cooked “Moose-Nose” stew. It is not an easy procedure, and I do not recommend it…but, I had to try it. It tasted much like a chicken stew…with white meat. “ My grandpa has some old-school culinary nads. He’s a retired … Read More

Family Food Traditions

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Let me illustrate my stupidity. I’ve studied and eaten the regional traditional foods of most regions of France, Tuscany, Liguria, Bohemia, Catalonia, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Flanders, Wallonia, England, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. I’ve spent lots of time and money doing so. Not that I regret it – but here’s where my stupidity comes in. Amdist my ambitions to … Read More

No dice

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I just got back today from the last big game hunt of the year. We spent a couple days hunting elk, and a day hunting boar. I saw wild boar track for the first time and saw how they fed under 2-3 feet of snow. Interesting stuff. I also saw three bull elk, a cow elk, a bunch of cow … Read More