Rockfish and Lemongrass Soup

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My tongue feels like someone’s piercing it with a hot metal poker. But aside from that, this is easily one of the best soups I’ve ever made. I needed a quick lunch, and here’s what went in the pot: 2 cups or so of chicken broth1 cup or so of pork brothA healthy shot of leftover Nuoc Cham [see previous … Read More

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I have a confession to make. I had fish and chips again for supper tonight. But it wasn’t my fault this time – at least – it was someone else’s idea. My dad had a slab of halibut in his freezer that should have been consumed long ago, so we bid it adieu this evening. He was keen on ‘my’ … Read More

Fish N Chips: Pickerel

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Is ‘holy shit’ an adjective? If not, I hereby dub thee, and if so, it is being appropriately used. I used my 36-lbs-of-cod-deep-fry night experience tonight to nail some deep-fried-forgotten-in-my-trunk pickerel. Now is that an adjective? It describes the noun, and I can spell it, so yes it is. BEFORE AFTER And an aside for your reading pleasure:

Fish and Chips

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Well. I had a few people over yesterday to celebrate the bounty of ling cod, and share some fish and chips. The bounty: 36 lbs live-weight, 14 lbs deboned cubed ling cod. 10 lbs of russet potatoes joined the party, as did many cases of beer. Overall, it went well, but not without its share of lessons along the way. … Read More

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I spent a lot of time in the kitchen today. Lunch was a thai green curry ling cod with rice and chard. Supper was a steak sandwich with grilled shoulder of beef and pagnotta garlic toasts. I thought shoulder of beef needed a moist cooking environment. I was wrong – it’s excellent grilled. I should have known, as my favorite … Read More

Salmon. Mmmm…belly.

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Mm. Salmon belly. It’s delicate and lucious, and reminded me of the feeling you get when you eat pork belly. I don’t know how to describe it other than that. Yen and I concluded that for sashimi, we’ll stick to the belly – use the rest for poaching, grilling, or whatever. Not that the rest of the fish was even … Read More

Yen. Me. And fish.

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Keeping this quick. 7 courses. Me and Yen. He knows food. 3 bottles of fine wine: Loire Anjou, South African Chenin Blanc, and Burgundian Chorey-les-Beaune. This was a night that perhaps will deserve the term ‘epic’. It was certainly an evening that appropriately honored the seafood from Sonora Island. It was certainly a culinary adventure. It warrants far more detail, … Read More

Sonora – homeward

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A little behind on my posts, I know. Yesterday morning Henry took us out salmon fishing. The day before, a 41 lb salmon, and a 56 lb salmon both came out of the same spot. When fishing is slow, this is a major deal. The big one was the biggest in the area since 1963. The highlight of the outing … Read More

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I have to make this quick. See the picture? Yeah. 21.5 lb spring salmon. The first I’ve caught in nearly a decade. It’s a beauty. So needless to say, I had a good day. Caught a Koho salmon, some big-ass ling cod, smoked some meats, and finally enjoyed a 2000 Domaine Pavelot La Dominode which was extremely good. It was … Read More

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We caught another whack of fish today. Some teenie ling cod. P had a good day, catching a 13 lb ling [seen on left], and generally just catching most of the fish of the day. We kept a couple ling cod – one to brine and smoke, and one to freeze whole to enjoy at home. We also took 4 … Read More