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Ling cod fishing is a lot of fun – a lot of action. I had a huge dog fish [small shark] coming after one of the ling on my line. Had to have been a big dog fish to want a piece of a 10 lb ling cod. I’ve been surprised how many ling are in that size range – … Read More

Props to my dad

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I don’t give my dad props very often. So here we go. I was looking at this picture from a couple nights ago thinking: “I think nothing of doing my own butchering of fish, fowl, and game. If if were not for my dad, I would not have these skills.” Not a big deal if you’ve been exposed to it, … Read More

Not your average Wednesday dinner…

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Chicken? Looks like it. Kinda. It’s actually an intact sac of Perch roe. I remember seeing it cooked on a rare occasion or two back when I was a kid, but have never touched the stuff in my kitchen. I had a quick conversation about the copious amounts of roe in the fish my dad’s been catching with Pam’s grandmother. … Read More

Fish. Wine.

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Divergent blog day, here I come. This is a picture I took on a bridge in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark. In June. I figured blogs are more interesting with pictures. And I didn’t take any today, so here you go. It was unwise of me to not take pictures though, as it was an interesting day. I got a call at … Read More

2nd Annual Game Dinner Eve

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Last year my dad asked me if I’d be willing to cook a multi-course dinner featuring the different game birds and big game that he and his friends hunt. It was a really memorable party. 7 courses, lots of drinking, and lots of being merry. It far exceeded expectations. So tonight, we’re hosting the follow up to this event. I … Read More

Food Photos

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fried calf moose meatballs with parmesan and olive oil calf moose top sirloin in butter and red wine reduction on porcini risotto and spinach. cherry-smoked elk and calf moose sausage chili sauce art

No dice

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I just got back today from the last big game hunt of the year. We spent a couple days hunting elk, and a day hunting boar. I saw wild boar track for the first time and saw how they fed under 2-3 feet of snow. Interesting stuff. I also saw three bull elk, a cow elk, a bunch of cow … Read More

Last hunt of the year

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I leave first thing tomorrow morning on an elk hunt. It’s a strange time to go hunting. We may be butchering days before Christmas. That’d be a first. I have an antlerless elk tag, and am hoping to have a chance at a calf. We’ll see. There’s so much snow now that the only way to hunt is by snowmobile, … Read More