Edmonton Foodie Meetup 2

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Being the awesomely awesome blogger that I am, I met up with a bunch of local foodies and bloggers last night, and didn’t take any pictures. My excuse is that I suck. And that I was too busy eating. Luckily, others in attendance did not suck. Some even took photos. I would like to thank these people for restoring my … Read More

I Heart Kitchen Design

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The light was nice in my kitchen a few hours ago so I took some shots. Shots of IKEA-ville. I’m a huge fan of IKEA, but would be a fan of any other store that sold decent quality, practical, and dare I say ‘nice looking’ kitchen gear too. Maybe that store’s out there – I could have missed it But … Read More

Prickly Ash…Sweet & Sour…Pork Shoulder?

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Man, I’m glad I have friends that travel. Due to their freedom [newborns don’t exactly allow much culinary globetrotting], I get enjoy some small wonders from abroad. This time, some prickly ash of some kind from Laos. I think. What I do know is that the citrus vibe on the nose is really pleasant. I had to try it. So … Read More

Biggest blog break…ever?

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Thanks for the prod, Des – and yes, everything’s good. Barring perhaps the January lull of food inspiration. But it’s February now, and that lack of inspiration is changing like the weather and the length of day. It’s time to get my seed catalog orders in. Which means it’s time to do some extensive garden planning – something I was … Read More

CBC Flugabwehrkanone

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Quick comment on some recent flak I took in a national news forum. First, the author’s intent was genuine: to promote the ‘interesting topics you write about’, and I thank her for the exposure. But in the comments, a couple themes emerged. A couple readers felt that my use of the word ‘product’ to describe game meat severely disrespects the … Read More

Scrambled Yak and Jowl

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Scrambled eggs hold a place dear to my heart. And you can hold the white truffle, and pair it with some high pedigree apple juice, please. Why write about scrambled eggs? Two reasons: Yak butter, and Jowl bacon. The yak butter: right off the bat, it smells cheesy more than any butter I’ve encountered. The kind of cheesy that’s just … Read More

My lucky kitchen gets a face-lift

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Yes, this is my new kitchen. In May, I had a singular post for the whole month due to my life being entirely consumed by demolition, building, a family wedding, and travel in Alsace. My naivety got me involved in a humongous reno that thankfully is meeting our lofty expectations. But a quick word of advice: desk jobs do not … Read More