I Heart Kitchen Design

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The light was nice in my kitchen a few hours ago so I took some shots. Shots of IKEA-ville. I’m a huge fan of IKEA, but would be a fan of any other store that sold decent quality, practical, and dare I say ‘nice looking’ kitchen gear too. Maybe that store’s out there – I could have missed it But … Read More

Kevin’s Dictionary: Counter, 10" Strip

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Counter: Available workspace. Critical square footage in kitchen required to prep, to cook, to plate, etc., without which no work in the kitchen can be executed in a practical fashion. Typical depth: roughly 25”. Things to not do with a counter: storage of anything not used daily, including but not limited to: small appliances, kitchen gadgetry, televisions, microwaves, VCR/DVD players, … Read More

I, Kevin Kossowan, am an egg snob

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Well at least I’m not in denial. These are the first eggs I’ve had in while from the farm I’ve talked about before. 4 glorious dozen. To honor them appropriately, I have visions of vanilla ice cream, creme brulée, and egg salad sandwiches. And of course, fried egg over easy with toast and home-made bacon. Come on. That’s real food. … Read More

And that’s why I hate pot-luck

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Before you get all defensive, let me just say this: I love sharing food with people. It’s what I do. And the concept of pot-luck is pure genius. Everyone brings something that they’re into or good at, it all gets plopped on a table, and you all tuck in. But it never plays out that way. Here’s what really happens: … Read More

Fussy Eaters

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I don’t get it. Do people not have to eat what they’re served anymore? I thought we learned this simple etiquette when we were toddlers. I get not being into certain foods. I don’t particularly like water chestnuts. But you don’t find me making a face, and creating a scene about it when faced with a feared water chestnut. Water … Read More

Hit it with a car = regional.

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Today I read an add in the paper from Normand’s – a respectable local restaurant – advertising: “Fine Regional Cuisine, Featuring Wild Regional Game: ELK, CARIBOU, and MUSKOX…”. Now for those of you who do not spend much time outdoors, you will not find, no matter how hard you search, a wild caribou or muscox within many, many, many hours … Read More