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This is the best photo I could snap last night before getting in there and eating some plum cake. It really should look more like this. I read The Wednesday Chef’s post and couldn’t resist trying it immediately. I’m a pretty serious advocate of eating seasonal foods, and I’m finding the food blogosphere is a great way to keep you … Read More

Wild Blueberry Swirl Gelato

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While picking wild blueberries, all I could think about was cooking them down and eating them with ice cream. And that time has come. Sort of. Although ‘warm wild blueberry compote on home-made vanilla ice cream’ would likely be my first choice, it somehow seemed…safe and predictable. Although now that I write it down, it does sound pretty dang good. … Read More

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Tip: When you’re trying to lose a few extra pounds, don’t make brownies. Late in the day, I went to DeVine’s Bordeaux tasting. Let’s see. Free. Bordeaux. Free. Yeah, I’m in. All the reds were from the Médoc, meaning predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon, and I can’t believe how light, delicate, and elegant a cab sauv can be. I know. Shocking. These … Read More

Gelato al Pistachio

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Talk about mixed feelings. Pistachio gelato is something I look forward to on every trip to Italy. And I just made it in my very own kitchen. I should be jumping for joy. Part of me is – but part of me is melancholic. I’ve felt this before. We used to anticipate trips to Paris to gorge ourselves on pains … Read More

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Okay, the verdict is in. This is the best thing to leave my ice cream machine yet. My lovely wife’s reaction was ‘okay, no more ice cream’ – stick with the gelato. This has a better texture, more intense flavor, lower fat content, and lower calorie count than any ice cream I’ve made. Truly an accomplishment. And yes, you should … Read More

Healthier & tastier? Is it possible?

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Okay, so it’s not finished yet. But I tasted it, and I’m really excited. What is it? Well, tomorrow, it will be chocolate gelato. Yes. Gelato. I’ve had my ice cream machine for almost a year, and this is the first gelato. Don’t ask my why I haven’t tried it yet. I’m an idiot. What’s the big fuss? Well if … Read More

Cake, sleep, and mastering

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My first successful scratch cake. Chocolate cake with raspberry jam inside, and a chocolate icing. This is my favorite cake that my mom made for birthdays as I grew up. Not the exact recipe, but you know what I mean. Happily the texture is spot on – very tender and moist. Next time, more jam. Makes pregnant ladies very happy. … Read More

Engagement Party Dinner

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Saturday night I put together an ultra-posh ‘French Bistro’ themed 5 course menu to celebrate M & D’s engagement. A quick review: Wine pairing for the next two courses: Crémant d’Alsace from Turkheim we brought back from our recent trip to France. It’s essentially champagne, from Alsace. We tasted at a lot of wineries before settling on this as our … Read More

Culinary Accomplishment – Ice Cream

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Since our recent visit to Paris, I’ve wanted to make my own ice cream. At my now-favorite restaurant-of-all-time, I was served a rich vanilla bean ice cream with a vanilla bean creme anglaise on a chocolate dessert that I was inspired to try at home. Thanks to a birthday gift from my lovely wife, I’m now capable of this achievement. … Read More