South Okanagan 2009: MERLOT

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MERLOT Merlot is high on my list of favorite varietals – I’m a big fan of right-bank Bordeaux. Because it’s the most broadly planted red grape here, I figured my palate would be a shoe-in to be praising the merlots. Not so much. Barring a few exceptions, I found them very thin, very heavy-handedly oaked, and lacking complexity. And at … Read More

Born-Again French-Pastry-Lover

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I never thought I’d write this, but I have to admit that ever since a wonderful pastry shop finally opened up in our town [ICS], I’ve been jaded about eating pastries in France. It’s a loss I’m having to deal with. ‘Not bad, but I can get it better at home‘ is a thought I wish upon nobody who loves … Read More

Canette au Vin – more Burgundy…

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Important facts: this was my first trip to France where I had a kitchen nearly the whole time I was resolved to cook classics [ex, coq au vin was on my list] the french have so many options for poultry, it will make your head spin A ‘canette’ is a young duck, so this was a rich dish that was … Read More

More Burgundy: Poulet de Bresse

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Ever since reading Jacques Pepin’s memoires about cooking chicken in his home-region of Bresse, I’ve wanted to try one of the birds myself. And long before leaving for France, acquiring and cooking a Bresse bird was firmly on my list of things to do while in Burgundy. AOC chicken. I had to try it.Admittedly, I wasn’t aware that buying such … Read More

Ode to Veal – Burgundy, Part I

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I live in a province supposedly renowned for its high-quality beef [it seems every place that raises cattle thinks theirs is the best]. Despite all the beef around, I grew up basically with zero experience with veal. Strange. Photo of the day is a meat-heavy dish I put together in Evelle, France. It’s a tiny village tucked just away from … Read More

Kenny Kaechele

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This is not a restaurant critique. Although I have some experience eating at nice places through Europe and at home, I’d say I’m in kintergarden when it comes to actual critiques. Nor is that the direction I want my blog to go. I cook at home, many times, every day. Need to source some kick ass food and wine in … Read More

‘Old Fresh Chicken’

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Today’s culinary discovery was the ‘old fresh chicken’ at my local asian grocer. I went to buy pork belly [they were out], and came home with ‘old fresh chicken’. So I proceeded to make chicken stock, and am enjoying a cup, seen above, as I type. What’s the big deal? Other than laughing every time I think of the name, … Read More


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When I left yesterday I had no idea I’d be on a ‘foodie trip’. Apparently I have a talent for making everything about me food. The long drive here was interrupted frequently for baby-maintenance-stops. On one of those stops, I got out and was looking at the interesting plants growing in the ditch. Some holly-looking-ground-cover-thingers. And then I noticed these: … Read More

Sonora – homeward

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A little behind on my posts, I know. Yesterday morning Henry took us out salmon fishing. The day before, a 41 lb salmon, and a 56 lb salmon both came out of the same spot. When fishing is slow, this is a major deal. The big one was the biggest in the area since 1963. The highlight of the outing … Read More