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Quick comment on some recent flak I took in a national news forum.

First, the author’s intent was genuine: to promote the ‘interesting topics you write about’, and I thank her for the exposure. But in the comments, a couple themes emerged.

A couple readers felt that my use of the word ‘product’ to describe game meat severely disrespects the animal and voids any value in slaughtering and butchering my own meat. I would ask that anyone sharing this viewpoint offer the appropriate terminology.

The second theme that emerged was that since I have not experienced living off the land out of necessity, I am a poser of epic proportions – even reportedly making one reader ill. Another suggested that I should ‘make the effort more sporting by confronting [my] prey completely naked and armed only with [my] bare hands’ – a comment that wouldn’t have surprised me were it not followed by the suggestion that were I do have beat ‘across the prairie on snowshoes to bring home the rabbits and occasional deer’ like their father, that it would somehow validate what I do.

I’m not surprised at all that someone would object to the killing of animals. In some way, I object, as it’s not exactly a pretty process – which was a point I tried to make in the article. What I did not expect were objections from those with backgrounds in outdoor-living. I am not hardcore enough. And because I choose to hunt rather than have to hunt to survive, I am a shameful and offensive wanker.

I do have to thank Jeff for the laugh – suggesting that killing an animal with one’s bare hands is not exactly a humane or respectful suggestion. And that naming one’s onion ‘Joe’ rather than ‘product’ might help one connect with one’s food.

Jason, a commenter who actually reads my blog, posted the following: “I’m surprised you bothered to spend time responding to the douchebaggery that is the average internet forum flame. Can almost guarantee you a rebuttal will not be read. Want some really awesome feedback? Post on YouTube.” He’s right.

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