Charcoal is my Favorite and my Best


I think…no. Yes. I think it’s finally summer. I’ll pretend I didn’t see that frost a couple days ago, and we’ll just say it’s summer. Last summer I became a fully converted charcoal-a-holic. This year I’m resolved to both eat outdoors as often as I can, and to cook on charcoal as often as I can. So far I’m making good progress on both fronts.

Tonight’s grill items: calf elk and berkshire pork burgers, skewered summer veg, and a meatloaf. The meatloaf is a strange one, I know, but I figured I’d make the fire serve double duty and prep a couple meals at once. I think grilling over charcoal is a vastly underutilized and underrated method of cookery up in these parts, and I’m gonna blog-flog-it, just you wait and see.

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