‘Charcuterie Day’ 2011


I’m used to butchering pigs on ‘Pig Day‘, and largely leaving charcuterie fun for some point in the winter when I feel like it. Not this year. My cellar’s empty. I feel like it now. I wanted to get started as soon as possible on a few different preparations. I also had to resist going too crazy today. For example, I had a nice slab of back fat [second photo] that I almost cured whole. Unwise. I don’t need 4 lbs of cured back fat


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  1. Judy Z. says:

    Are you still able to move today? Hauling pig carcasses and standing on your feet most of they day butchering would normally hit the muscles not the next day but the day after so I figure if it was me by today I would hardly be able to move. You of course are much younger so maybe you don”t have the aches and pains yet when you do something out of the ordinary.

    Sounds like you have lots of work ahead of you but that the rewards will be worth it.

  2. Marcus says:

    You are an inspiration Kevin. I’m considering raising a couple of pigs next year. I have been doing a bit with wild game, but having good pork and pork fat on hand would be very nice. BTW, I tried your jerky recipe the other day on some antelope and it was awesome!

  3. I suggest ‘porvisage’ for pig face. Pork + visage, ya know. :)

    I have been pondering curing a leg of lamb – but I’ve no smoker and haven’t ever brined anything. I hear you can make it into something much like a ham … ever tried anything like that?

  4. David Rasch says:

    In response to Apple Jack Creek: Check out a Norwegian cured lamb leg called fenelar. Delicious!

  5. MarkS-A says:

    I think a cold bottle of Belle Gueule will compliment that cheek and jowl nicely. Belle Gueule is a popular (though poorly rated) Montréal beer; it’s name translates to Beautiful Snout.
    Craig and I laughed recently when a waiter in St John’s brought out the Amuse Gueule. Was that a comment on the attributes of those present? Somewhere in the next province, a pig was smiling…

  6. Alan says:

    Love this and Pig Day! Tomorrow is harvest day for us. We have 3 lovely beauties and will be busy with all the butchering
    this weekend. Can’t wait for that first grilled piece. Great post Kevin!!

    I talked with my Mother-in-Law about the fruit wine recipes and I will be scanning and cataloging them over the next few months as time permits. I will post some as I go. We figured we might as well let people benefit from his expertise. It will be nice to go back and try a few myself. A little reminiscing was in order the other day when I found several bottles of apricot wine he made. Still perfect after 10 years.

    All Yummo stuff!


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