Chef Unleashed, Or Not

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Now for something a little different. Or way different as after 600+ posts this is my first post of somebody else’s work. Chris Cosentino [little known fact, Hank Shaw and I first ‘met’ commenting on Chris’ blog] posted this video on Vimeo, along with a write up about it that’s worth a read. Summary: it’s super cool and meaningful but just too real for reality TV. Hence me feeling compelled to spread the good word.

I see this as important work. Important work about education and respect for what we eat. I’m not going to watch another show about 30 min meals [not even Jamie Oliver’s], but I’d watch 100 shows like ‘Chef Unleashed’. It’s really sad TV execs have to say no to fantastic content. If it were ‘1000 ways to enjoy boneless skinless chicken breast’, I’m sure Chris would get the green light. If he could do it in 30 minutes, wow. Sad. Enjoy the video. I did (clearly). [If you do, tweet up @offalchris to let him know.]

6 Comments on “Chef Unleashed, Or Not”

  1. Marcus

    That was fantastic. Thanks for sharing. It did get me thinking, what is your favorite way to prepare wild game organs?

  2. Debra Krause

    Great post! Sorry to hear that this will never air as this is something I’m dieing to see… FoodNetwork/FoodTV really needs programming like this, in my opinion.
    Chris Cosentino is one of my favorite TV chefs. He’s so real about food and is truly a pioneer. If I ever make it to SanFran his restaurant is first on my list to visit.
    – Deb

  3. Judy Z

    It was a good watch. I had reservations for a bit there when I thought they had left the first deer without taking anything but a bit of blood but obviously the fellow came by with the butchering truck after they left. What a place and what an incredible outdoor kitchen although it lacks the oven that you have.

  4. Nathan

    They shot that deer through the window from inside the truck? What kind of crap is that?!? Sorry…I guess that’s not against the law in Texas. >:(

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