Chocolate Espresso Chevrecake

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This was an innovative-idea-to-me, but I googled it and apparently others have already discovered it. Oh well. Originality is not my m.o.

Chevrecake. Cheesecake happens to be my all-time-favorite-dessert, and a few years  back I spent some time mucking about with an individual [ramekin] sized chocolate espresso cheesecake recipe that I love dearly. It’s my birthday choice. And having recently discovered how substitutable Holly‘s chevre was for cream cheese when making icing, I figured I must give it another dessert-go via cheesecake.

My current guess is that the chevre in my CSA package this week had a higher moisture content than cream cheese from the store, as the ‘batter’ was looser than I’m used to and it took considerably longer to set. No big. I’m also going to wager the fat content is lower as it lacks the creamy-silky mouthfeel I’m used to. But make no mistake, those are small shortcomings given my newfound ability to put on an extra few pounds by eating too much chevrecake.

2 packs chevre [450g or so], 150 sugar, 2 eggs, 2 tsp vanilla, 1 oz chocolate, 1 oz espresso. 325F for an hour or until set.

4 Comments on “Chocolate Espresso Chevrecake”

  1. A Canadian Foodie

    So – you are into it! Well done. Double yum on this one. I actually crave something like this now. Chocolate and espresso compliment one another – and chevre… well… roll it in all in a ball and hang it out to dry. It would still be great!

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  3. Kevin

    Valerie – it is good indeed. I know what I’m going to do with much frozen chevre I have stashed away.

    John – glad you enjoyed. I know I did.

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