Cob Oven Bacon

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Writing about bacon. Again. Just when I thought there wasn’t anything additional to add to the conversation I have with myself here, there was something else to add. A simple conclusion: wood ovens are fantastic smokers. Different than a commercially manufactured smoker that generally involves automation, an element, and some wood chips, it still requires some finagaling in the way of fire management, making it an enjoyable creative process. Not only does it contain smoke as intensely as you’d like, it’s also well suited to creating smoke, as it’s easy to shut down its O2 supply such that it can’t ‘catch’ flame, and instead smoulders and smokes prolifically. I still maintain that an external fire source is critical to successful smoking, so I had a fire in an old baking pan off to the side to fuel the oven with heat when it started to cool off too much to hot smoke, or generate smoke at all for that matter. As usual, the wood of choice in my yard is apple wood, this time supplied by a friend at Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton. A future project of mine: many of the hundreds of trees OFRE has signed up for fruit rescue need some serious pruning + a local meat shop is interested in smoking their meats with said wood = cool.

So after years with a bbq conversion setup, and a year with a dry-stack brick setup, I am now pleased to be staring down a future of smoking in the new cob oven. A friend recently asked me if the honeymoon phase is over with the oven. Nope.

5 Comments on “Cob Oven Bacon”

  1. Sherri

    I’ve been dying to hear an update on that oven! No – you can’t post too much about bacon – at least not according to us :)

    We have followed with keen interest and are busy planning our own oven/patio build – so excited. Have you made bread in yours? I’m jacked to get some sourdough baking in my future oven and can almost taste the wine, cheese and bread supped on the patio in the glow of the setting sun. Sounds like a romance novel, but that’s my kind of fantasy, LOL.

  2. arlene

    Smoking bacon-another wonderful reason to build that oven! I too have been waiting for a post on the ovne in action. Thanks for not disappointing!

  3. Andrei Petrovich

    I love bacon! I can eat it for the rest of my life! I know you have good intentions for posting this and the picture looks absolutely yum! But this does not promote healthy living! Which I perfectly understand because most of the things that taste good are actually bad for us. How sad is that?

  4. Stacy McAllister

    That piece of meat looks delicious and heavenly. I just hope I can replicate it so that I can taste it for my own.

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