COVID19 Reboot

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Hm. Kinda like washing your car and ‘causing’ rainy crappy weather, I took this site down and then COVID19 hit. I couldn’t even remember how to log in or post it’s been so long, but over the past weeks as the globe shut down to cope with this pandemic, I found myself wanting to refer back to some old posts that were no longer available. Made me realize that regardless of how retro, there was some helpful stuff in here that if ever there was a time for it to be put to use = right now. And moving forward. So I had it rebooted.

Why the hiatus? Few reasons. A big one is that a lot of this exploration in the world of food became day-to-day, the norm. What seemed interesting as the “local food movement” boomed was now just life. Alongside that, I’d always been a non-verbose ‘blogger’, and instagram largely filled the niche of social expression that I liked. Also. Time scarcity – my film career is nuts now. COVID19 has changed that, so I’ll have more time on my hands in the coming months to chime in, contribute.

I’ll largely be engaging on facebook and instagram as usual, but intend to drop the odd fresh post here. I need to do things like get my cold frames in action, butcher a pig, barrel age some cider, and other things that while normal in my home, may be ideas and skills that are helpful to others. So I’ll be trying to help by sharing. We’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned. Stay home. Stay safe.

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