Cream of Green Soup

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I’ve been flogging variations of this dish for a few months now – but today was the best it’s been. A recipe would be a bit ridiculous, really. Today it was asparagus, broccoli, and celery with a base of shallot and garlic. I normally dig the bright flavor from a shot of frozen peas. In a few weeks it will be chard, bloody dock, beet leaves, spinach, etc. You basically simmer veg with some stock or water, until it’s mushier than you’d ever cook veg normally. Puree with an immersion blender. Strain through a sieve. Add a can of evaporated milk [does a better job than cream imo]. Season to taste, and I like to finish it with some nice oil, and some grated cheese. Ok. Maybe that doesn’t sound so simple, but it is. It’s economical. It’s tasty. It’s seasonally variable and fantastic at eating up odds and ends from the fridge.

I’ve always loved cream-of-any-veg-soup, but that’s not really why I make it. I make it cause it sells well. My wife loves it. Dinner guests dig it. Even my 2-year-old daughter asked for seconds today. That, and my secret quest to get soups back on our tables..

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