Cream of Lamb’s Quarter Soup

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Another cream-of-veg-soup, I know. This time, however, featuring an edible native plant that is generally considered a weed to be destroyed – lamb’s quarter. It’s been growing everywhere in my new gardening beds, regardless of the drought. I’ve been using young leaves, and will use some of the stems shortly, along with some more mature leaves as the plants, um, weeds, get bigger.

Why eat them? Why eat weeds? Why would I not eat a plant that is healthful, tastes good, is ‘organic’, hardy, required no trucking or farming, no watering – it didn’t even require planting!?! There’s an element of eating ‘sensibly’ that I think is drowned by choice, trend, rhetoric, fussiness, and fasionable health programs. The fact that this plant seems to laugh in the face of all of it makes me like it just that much more.

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