Culinary Accomplishment – Paté de Campagne

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I am preparing for a very posh, French Bistro-themed dinner party to celebrate M&D’s engagement. Included on the starter menu: Paté de Campagne. Luckily, my charcuterie mentor had a great recipe for me to run with – and this baby is gonna be good. Some flavour components to get one excited: pork liver, brandy, nutmeg, clove, and heavy cream. I haven’t tasted it yet, but this thing smells amazing.

This is a really common item to see on french bistro menus, as well as in charcuterie shops across France. I will soon attempt more posh versions that include wrapping it in cured meat, studding it with pistachios or sour cherries, or wrapping the forcemeat around a center of duck confit or foie gras.
I’m a geek.

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