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  1. Mel

    Love the bag idea; I always have issues with the herbs getting too dusty. Love how you have more unusual varieties. Does the lavender survive the winter, or do you need to replant it? And where is the BASIL?! King of herbs ;)

  2. Kevin

    Yep. I’ve had awesome luck with lavender. My oldest plant is from my first ever attempt from seed about 5-7 years ago. It’s even been moved about 3-4 times. The cultivar is ‘lavender lady’. Basil is flaky as all hell, it’s in the kitchen window ’cause it’s such a pansy.

  3. MakiB

    I have actually been drying herbs myself. Though I find that I have been also making large amounts of pesto and just freezing it. Works well and it uses the bulk of my parsley, oregano and basil.

  4. Mel

    Heh heh, you are totally right about basil being a weenie. I have never succeeded in growing it in the ground, only in pots. Which means it’s much more likely to dry out and die if you forget to water His Highness for a day or two. They call it the king for a reason.

  5. A Canadian Foodie

    You ROCK Kevin K! I am so so so impressed with your herb garden drying set up. May I please post the link on Slow Food Edmonton? I am going to anyway. :) Do you have a micro-climate for your lavender? Thank you for sharing the kind. I will get that one next year. Mine have never wintered. I love lavender and I never even get enough to dry. Mind you, I have not been home babying my garden the last few summers like I used to. We just got home last night and there is a jungle in the back yard. My daughter was supposed to be taking care of it, but, it takes knowing what to do… and she is not a gardener. Bless her heart (&^%$#) :)
    We have a lot of work to do out there. I am going to post my last day leaving photos and my first day back ones for every one to have a good chuckle. We have come home to a jungle!
    I missed drying so many things. My beautiful tarragon has gone to seed. Now I have a wicked healthy perennial clump of that I would be happy to share with you it you need some next spring.

  6. Kevin

    Valerie – I have enough lavender to share…
    I’m not sure why I’ve had success with lavender, I’ve had it in various places and treated it poorly [moving it], but it seems to thrive regardless. I had really crazy success last year starting plants from seed, so I have about a half dozen large plants now, which yields lots.

    My tarragon finally took off this year. Mine’s seeding too. :)

    You can post any of my stuff anywhere, whenever you want. I post it to share, so additional sharing is fine by me.

  7. A Canadian Foodie

    Great!!! (about the lavender and about the postings!) I am going to send Liane Faulder an e-mail about your project and your site, too. It has literally blown me away. When you were doing the wine thing, I stopped reading. It was probably interesting, but I am not into wines. This work has me hanging on to every word!

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