Engagement Party Dinner

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Saturday night I put together an ultra-posh ‘French Bistro’ themed 5 course menu to celebrate M & D’s engagement. A quick review:

Wine pairing for the next two courses: Crémant d’Alsace from Turkheim we brought back from our recent trip to France. It’s essentially champagne, from Alsace. We tasted at a lot of wineries before settling on this as our favourite.

Foie Gras Parisienne
A solid block of foie gras I purchased in Paris, between two layers of crabapple jelly Linda Plante made, topped with a compotée of garden onion with quatre épices and rosemary cider vinegar mom and David brought back from Normandy. Served with toasted home-made baguette rounds. The shot above shows the table decor and the Foie Gras course on the upper left.

Paté de Campagne
Pork shoulder and liver terrine with brandy. Served with french acidic cornichons, dijon mustard at 12 oclock, wallonian peppercorn mustard at 6. Garnished with butter poached shaggy mane mushroom I picked locally.

Wine pairing for next two courses: 2001 Domaine Pavelot Pernard Vergelesses, 1er Cru – Les Vergelesses. When Burgundy is good, it’s really, really good. We met the winemaker in Savigny Les Beaune, France in June.

Duck Confit
Domestic duck submerged and poached in duck fat for 5 hours, served with plain boiled garden potatoes, julienne of blanched orange and lemon zest, and a wild high bush cranberry sauce. I picked the cranberries the day before in the ravine where we do our daily walk.

Cheese Board
Brie de Meaux – which is easily the nastiest Brie you will ever try; Morbier; St. Honoré from Québec, and Roquefort Noir. Cheese boards are always a highlight of a meal for me. Especially when they’re so nasty, that an inevitable debate of how to describe the nastiness ensues.

Moelleux ‘Perraudin’
This is a chocolate lava cake – Gordon Ramsay’s recipe – with home-made vanilla bean ice cream and its vanilla bean custard. I had this at the Perraudin in Paris, and forever have wanted to make it since. The presentation was wanting, but the flavours were wicked.

Overall, a memorably wonderful evening, worthy of celebrating a joyous engagement! Life is good.

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