Episode 32 – Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes

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Eagle Creek Seed PotatoesIt being February and quite possibly a particularly early spring, I was contemplating my annual seed potato order from Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes when it dawned on me that perhaps I should go check them out. So I did. I knew they’d be filling my order in the next couple months, so they had to be busy prepping for that busy season – which was exactly the case. More seasonal food action that you perhaps wouldn’t think is going on up north in February.

This farm should be celebrated by Slow Food and anybody who values biodiversity. While others are farming a single variety of potato in serious quantities, this 4th generation family farm is growing 40 or so varieties and counting. Potatoes need not be a boring staple. What struck me when listening to John was his focus on taste – choosing potato varieties because they have the best taste. What a novel concept for something we eat. John also offers some great advice for what varieties to use in different cooking applications. I thought I knew potatoes, but apparently I have a few things to learn. They also do a veg CSA, raise heritage laying hens and turkeys in a straw-bale construction coop, and all kinds of other cool stuff. Add to that a stunning location atop a high point with a view over the Rockies, and it’s quite the memorable place.

Their online catalog is here, if you’re in the mood for potato enlightenment and/or want to order from them. I will be, again.

11 Comments on “Episode 32 – Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes”

  1. Karin

    Hey, Just wanted to send out a hefty thanks for the link…I’ve been looking for some different varieties than what the seed varieties available at the grocery store. Ordering up as soon as I’m done typing here!

  2. Sherri

    Great link! I’ve ordered to supplement my current favourites and am happy to support a local farmer. Thanks :)

  3. Mike

    I found what he said about not stressing spring potatoes in order to get a better yeild very interesting and will definitely keep that tip in mind. Great video. That Lindzer Deleketess looks and sounds like an excellent variety.

  4. Ryan

    We’ve been using Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes in the Cornucopia Community Garden (Calgary) for the past 3 years with great success. It’s wonderful to have such a variety to choose from, albeit a bit difficult to keep from returning to a few of the more exceptional varieties (e.g. German Butterball and French Fingerling!). Truly a gem of a resource for Alberta gardeners.

  5. Kevin

    Karin & Sherri – glad to help, and enjoy!
    Mike – I know, I was making a mental note too. Have to be mindful of watering if necessary in that week or two I guess.
    Ryan – I hear ya. I always try a couple new ones for fun, but lean heavily on the French Fingerlings. I know folks in Ontario who buy seed from them, so I felt lucky to be able to drive there to hit them up for a visit.

  6. Deb Krause

    French fingerlings are quickly becoming a favourite of mine.
    I’m currently convincing my mother that our garden is large enough to hold a couple more varieties :)

  7. Andrea Duke


    I was thinking this year I would just head to the local feed and seed and get yukons or kennebecs, but not now :)

  8. Kevin

    Deb – I’m such a fan. Love waxy potatoes in the summer.
    Andrea – fantastic. I’m so happy these guys exist.

  9. Salix

    They have a wonderful list of seed potatoes and we have bought from them the last 6-8 years. Can definitely recommend doing business with them – also if you live far away from Alberta like we do in Ontario.

  10. Ruth

    I love Eagle Creek seed potato. I love that I can order a “foursum” which is just four potatos so I can try lots of varieties in my small garden. My favorite is the french fingerling, so good just steamed up and eaten right out of the pot!

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