4 Comments on “Episode 35: Perch Caviar”

  1. Slav

    Very interesting experiments with the fish roe. It is the most valuable part of the fish, if case that someone wonders. Again, two comments. If you find a right sieve (flat round screen used in the kitchen works well) just press the eggs through the screen. This way all eggs will be separated, no clumps but also all the parts of the sack will be left on the screen. Then, why not salt it directly. I really liked always dry curing as this way have much better control of saltiness. Using some really good salt as Himalayan or Redmond. Put it in a jar and there you go. I think that it would also be save to freeze but would not keep it long in the freezer. Taste and nutritional value should stay the same, I think. Serve on some really good , thinly sliced bread with some butter, over eggs, whatever… Good food, no doubt.

  2. Marcus

    Awesome. Love the blow by blow details of the tasting. I did something similar with salmon roe last summer. It was very tasty, but I need to figure out some more things to do with it. One can only eat so much caviar!

  3. New level pizza

    Cool experiment. Did you ever find out what pro processors use for colouring the larger fish eggs?

  4. A Canadian Foodie

    Beautiful. How many female sacs did it take to fill your jar and how long will it keep like that/ Do you have to process it, freeze it – or because it has been salted, will it keep in the refrigerator for a couple of months?
    One can only eat so much caviar as Marcus says – but you said you used to cook it? That might be one idea – in eggs, on a croustini, are obvious ideas. What are others? Maybe in salads?
    Very generous of your dad and I am assuming it is the same beautiful dense fish we tasted there last week. Incredible fish. You are very fortunate to have so much of it as it adds such a wonderful variety to your Winter proteins. Fresh water fish has always been a treat at our house – and it looks like it is at yours, too.

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