Episode 49 – Rge Rd 135

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Last year’s Rge Rd 135 farm-to-table epic at Nature’s Green Acres [Episode 19] is still engraved into the minds of everyone that had the pleasure of being involved, making me more than slightly trepdatious at the prospect of trying to duplicate, nevermind top that farm-to-table extravaganza. But as far as I see it, they pulled it off.

Maybe I’m biased. It was a menu heavy on grass fed free-range meats, fresh garden veg and a splash of wild foods, all cooked on fire. I’m into that kind of thing. It also was the true maiden voyage of the 2nd cob oven build of the year, the first being mine. Add a lucky card-draw on the weather [again], a crew that busted their butts to make it happen, a few bottles of wine, a farm tour, and a few beautiful dishes for a large crew of happy guests – what’s not to like? The cob oven performed fabulously, I’ll add. It was a joy to watch it shed the last of its moisture from the build, get insanely hot, and cook some beautiful food. I wish I’d shot a video about the build, but was soaked to squishy-socks-in-my-shoes-stage and muddy as all heck.

This event is a labour of love, and for that I adore it.

8 Comments on “Episode 49 – Rge Rd 135”

  1. Sherri

    I am so deeply touched by this video… perhaps that’s corny, but it’s true so I’ll say it anyway :) The genuine, passionate love for local food astounds me and it shines through loud and clear in the video. It was a sensorial pleasure… stunning videography, beautiful lighting, incredible story, excellent choice in music… the whole thing was FANTASTIC – I could almost smell the food and feel the fire. I would have given a leg to be there!!!!!

    Hands down, my favourite video of yours :) LOVED it.

  2. Danny and Shannon

    Beautiful as per! Thanks for coming out again and being a huge part of our event. We really mean that, you have done such a perfect artistic capture of the event, it seriously relives the magic! And Yen, you rock!

  3. Corinne

    Thanks Kevin, now I can relive the wonderful day I spent at Danny & Shannon’s. Dining on thoughtfully prepared food on the land where it was naturally grown at a community table, what could be better?

  4. Anne

    What an excellent idea to showcase local Alberta food. It is a small snapshop of how the old folk’s did it as well as some new menu idea’s to keep it up-to-date and current! Make’s me very proud to be native Albertain two generation’s. Keep it going….

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