Episode 50 – Pork Butchery Workshop V1.0

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Jeff Senger of Sangudo Custom Meats

If only 2002 Kevin knew this was coming in 2012. 10 years ago I lived in a condo, fondling my tattered copy of ‘Charcuterie’, longing for an opportunity to get my hands on a whole hog to do even just a few of the myriad of possible delicious preparations pork offered – many of which you can do at home but money can’t otherwise buy. But I had no space to do it. I had nobody to show me the way. I’d never met a pork farmer who I could ask to hook me up. In the spring of 2008, I had moved into our current home, and the previous winters’ pent up porcine desires meant its garage was pre-destined to witness many a pig butchering. 4 years on, many sides and porkventures later, and after a few pints of beer with Jeff Senger tossing around the idea, here we are putting on a pig butchery workshop. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no master at breaking down a side – but mastery was not the objective here. Instead my hope was to give folks that were in a position I recall all too well a crack at breaking the ice. To give them a shot at seeing pig go from live on the hoof to wrapped and packed in the freezer, largely by their own hand. Pig Butchery 101, down and dirty.

Huge thanks to Jeff Senger and Allan Suddaby for putting their heart into it and sharing their expertise throughout the day. An equally huge thanks to those who came, who took the leap. I think it was a day all involved will remember for a long, long time. And yes, we’re talking about maybe doing more. Maybe even a beef butchery workshop. Maybe.

17 Comments on “Episode 50 – Pork Butchery Workshop V1.0”

  1. Jeff

    That was really great!!!!! The song accompanyment was perfect. It made it seem like it was a fantastic time which it absolutely was!! Happy 50th.

  2. Chad

    Sweet video. Thanks again for the good times. In my circle of friends I’m now famous; I made it on KevinTV! Score!
    Also, today we tossed a bunch of ribs, a couple small roasts and a hock into the smoker and it was seriously some of the best pork I’ve ever eaten. Apparently my arteries weren’t quite clogged enough from yesterday’s massacre.

  3. Jessica Schroeder

    Thanks for posting that. I wanted to be there but couldn’t and I learned some stuff just from watching the video.

  4. Andrew

    Awesome. I’ve got to do a 550 lber later this month; the butcher will do the kill and split but the rest is all left to me.

    Oddly though I find it’s kind of zen.

  5. Danny and Shannon

    How fun! Makes me feel guilty being a farmer and not doing out own butchering!! Who knows maybe the guilt will sway me. I do enjoy shooting things…

  6. jackie

    “I’m not a criminal!….” love it
    reminds me of the dinner party I had where I butchered the chickens in the yard before we cooked. made sense to me!

  7. Frank

    Seems you’re in need of some good recipes for boudin. Personally, i prefer them with lots of onion, and then cooked with apple. Great for this time of the year ;)

  8. Jed Johns

    What a great day that was!
    Kevin, would love to know what song this was – it was perfect!

  9. Kaleb Garcia

    hi Kevin! Why not save the blood? it is such a waist! good for thickening souses and for blood sausage!!!

  10. Kristeva

    Nicely done Kevin! Even though I’ve done this with my own animals it’s harder to watch someone else. Everyone who eats meat should see this.



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