Evil Smoked Farmed Steelhead Trout

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One of my new year’s resolutions: more fish. So far, I’d say I’ve hit the mark as this is the third batch of smoked fish this week! First atlantic salmon, then ocean char, this time: farmed steelhead trout.

Yes, farmed. And yes, I have mixed feelings about farmed fishes. Clearly, practices and methods can get dodgy. Mucking about with the ocean’s delicate ecosystems just seems intuitively wrong, and there certainly seems to be an endless list of terrible things various sources claim about farmed fish. Somehow, they’re still freely available for purchase, which makes me question if the science backs the doom and gloom.

But from a ‘hate it cause it’s not as good as wild on the table’ – there I don’t agree. I kind of wish it DID underperform, to tell you the truth – give me a solid reason to avoid it. I do love my wild salmon. But much like with other meats, I am in the camp that tends to appreciate fat. And a fish that doesn’t move much – much like a cow that doesn’t move much – sure puts on the fat! Secondly, I’m a cheapass – partly by choice and partly by necessity. I also use hyphons a lot.

So since I was doing evil deeds eating evil fat, from evil farmed fish, I figured I’d add insult to injury and brine it in some evil salt and evil sugar, then add some evil smoke carcinogens to the mix. I’d share the recipe for my evilness, but I got the cure recipe from a close source and havn’t asked permission to share. What I can tell you, is there’s smoke in it.

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