Extreme Gardening

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The scope of my ambitious gardening project that has been tackled head on in the past week is taking its toll on my body. No, really – it’s fantastic in theory and I have really nice drawings from a winter of planning. Really. But what I didn’t plan so much on is that moving trees, shoveling gravel and soil, digging out fence posts, hauling soil, planting hundreds of plants, raking, moving rocks = sore to the core. A bonus is that I don’t think I’ll ever have been in such good shape to start the coming waterskiing season. Thankfully, the goal of creating a diverse and abundant infrastructure of perennial edibles that can be enjoyed for years is taking shape. I saw the baby white asparaguses poking out as I moved their crowns into permanent homes around the landscape. Flemish white asparagus with a belgian beer….soon enough my kitchen will reap the rewards of my soreness. Soon enough.

An added bonus: I’ve met more neighbours in the past two days converting my front yard of lawn-hell into something useful and productive than I have in the past year living here. Who knew gardening was so social?

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