3 Comments on “Field To Fire – Canada Goose”

  1. Alan

    Just the way a good duck breast should be cooked. NOT over cooked. What kind of cameras are you shooting with now? I have seen some changes in your images. Just curious.

    Thanks again..Alan

  2. Kevin

    Alan – I’m using a Canon 5D3 now with a 24-70 2.8. Have made some changes in post too. The field shots in this one though were shot with a Canon T2i [which I was using before] with a 50mm 1.8 – largely because I can afford to beat the crap out of them in a tough setting and if I lose one, no big.

  3. Boyd Callaway

    Great video. Just a hint when your looking for landowners trying to locate the the owner of a particular ¼ section to hunt on get yourself a set of landowner county maps , try map town great resource to have in your truck. I’m so pleased to see someone cooking wild meat with he respect that it so richly deserves. Kudos to you.

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