Field to Fire – Whitefish

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Field to Fire - WhitefishYes, episode 1. Don’t get it? Don’t blame you.

This series [Field to Fire] is going to strictly be about exploring regional ingredients, and preparing them a couple ways outdoors. Same format. Every time. I liked the idea, but a major problem with it is that it excluded other fun content that I’d normally shoot and get involved with. So rather than kevinTV being one ‘thing’, it now is multiple ‘things’. Multiple ‘shows’. This will be one of them. More about this switch-up here.

Instagram feed watchers have been witness to my posts about ice fishing. Action went from absolutely dead in Dec/Jan to limiting out in an hour in late Feb, so I had some whitefish to work with for this episode. They’re a strange species – one that I had no experience with until lately. I hardly feel bad about it though, as while showing off some instagram photos recently to chefs, I got some questions about what species they were. They just aren’t solidly part of our food culture beyond certain niche pockets. Hence my interest in featuring them. Many more ‘Field to Fire’ episodes on deck. Enjoy.

9 Comments on “Field to Fire – Whitefish”

  1. Ming

    Great video. I love whitefish and actually caught and ate lots of it as a kid. My favorite preparation? Steamed whole fish with slivers of ginger and green onions. Yum!

  2. Deb Krause

    Yay! I’m so happy you’re posting again!
    Great video :)
    I have now officially put “Pickled White Fish” on my list of things to do.

  3. Karlynn

    I have a freezer full of vacu-sealed whitefish packets from my icefishing trips….I have yet to find the time to cook most of them up! My whitefish recipes will be in May by the time I get around to them.

    Pickled was not on my list ;) but I might have to spare some fillets and try it…..

    Man I haven’t even edited my ice fishing photos. You’re making me feel like a slacker…

    Love the new site!

  4. Andrew

    Wow. What an amazing video, your preparations looked perfect.
    I did have an unintentional laugh when you took a bite of your crispy fish. I couldn’t help but wonder how many takes you did before you were happy with your “flavour face”.
    Keep the videos coming!!

  5. Kevin

    Chad – thanks!
    Ming – Glad somebody grew up with it! I’m so trying your preparation – sounds tasty.
    Deb – thanks, and do give it a go!
    K – I have some in the freezer too, thankfully. Glad you like the tweaking on the site build.
    Andrew – this guy rolls 1st take only, so that was genuine pleasure from pent up anticipation delivering in spades. The vids shall keep rolling, not to worry.

  6. Adam Stevens

    So, I think my favorite part was the last three seconds or so, but I think that’s cause I’ve got little girls who love to help me out too. Loved the entire thing, super stoked for 2013 and all you have planned!

    I’m curious too about your fillet technique, very different from how I was taught… Really, if you can get to Washington this fall, the Pinks will be thick, and you’ll get loads of chances to cut up some fish!

    Lastly – do you refrigerate the final fish product, or root cellar it? And do you think that would fly with other white fleshed fish (like perch)?

  7. Kevin

    Adam – I’d love to come visit! I’ve been taught on the west coast to take them from along the back, and over the rib cage. Grew up filleting lake fish how you see in the video. They both do the job – over the back being a cleaner method, no question.

    It’s in the fridge at the moment, but my cellar is fridge temp well over half the year, so it just as well could stay there. I wouldn’t leave it at root temp though. Haven’t tried, but would be concerned about decreasing shelf life. And yeah – we’ve done other white fishes this way. Pretty sure we’ve done perch, know for sure we’ve done pike this way. You can’t tell between pike and whitefish once it’s pickled.

  8. David Smith

    Super nice video. This is much the same recipe and method I use for pickling sucker, small northerns and the smaller whitefish we catch (smaller than those beauties you caught), although our brining times are a bit shorter. I will definitely give your method a whirl and see what differences we may notice in the outcome. Excellent viewing, and anxious to see more!

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