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Divergent blog day, here I come. This is a picture I took on a bridge in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark. In June. I figured blogs are more interesting with pictures. And I didn’t take any today, so here you go.
It was unwise of me to not take pictures though, as it was an interesting day. I got a call at 3 from my dad, having returned from his house in Saskatchewan with about 60 fish he caught. So I zoomed over there to help him pack them for freezing, and to pick some up. I poached an 8 lb Northern Pike/Jackfish for dinner. Annalee was of great assistance in polishing off most of it in one sitting. I also have 2 whitefish and 6 nice sized perch in the freezer. That is some culinary sweetness. Poaching fish, for those who are unfamiliar, is perhaps the singlemost effective way to easily nail a moist, tender fish with little expertise.
I also spent some more time reading Wine Spectator back issues, and found some new treasures. Today I picked up a 2003 Jacob’s Creek Riesling [Australia], a 2004 Georges DuBoeuf Julienas [Beaujolais, France], and a 2004 M. Charpoutier Belleruche Cotes Du Rhone [France]. I’m stoked, as all of these wines ranked 89 or 90 points. HOWEVER. I’m creating a problem. I still have the majority of fine wines we brought back from France in June. Couple that with me realizing I don’t have a great capacity to ‘safely’ store and age wines, and I have a consumption deficiency. Time to start drinking more wine.

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