“KEVINTV” – 60-odd short films, dating all the way back to Kevin’s stepping into the world of film making. This series has not been in production for some time, but still contains a lot of content that is frequently referenced by users – so here it shall stay.



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  1. Dave Mair

    Hey Kevin,

    Just watched your cob oven video, ace build. I am planning on building my own shortly, and was wondering if you had any trouble/issues with the city building it.

    I haven’t been able to find much info on it and 311 wasn’t a ton of help.

    Did you need a permit?
    Did they classify it as a fire pit, fireplace, or something totally different? Reason i ask is due to the 8 ft chimney requirement for fireplaces.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


  2. Kevin

    Hi Dave – I brought my plans into the city planning office. First person I spoke with thought I’d have to get a development permit for an auxiliary building or something like that. After a while, it became clear that they didn’t know. They asked somebody else that was on lunch. He gave me a ‘go ahead, no problem, there’s no regulation, I’ve built one myself’. We’ve built many since. The only issue we had was once a client built it right up against a garage. A neighbour complained about the smoke [apartment building above], and the fire staff that came to check it out had the client move it a foot away from the garage, presumably to keep the complainant happy. My visit to the city office was years ago now, so maybe worth a re-check, but at the time, that was my experience. Good luck with your build!

  3. Mandy

    Good Day Kevin,
    I have a very interesting story of survival for you. I have CSA program in Northern Alberta that has been surviving post fires. Imagine 300 families committed to buying your product and then one day they all scatter and only a small amount return. Please let me know if you are interested in learning about where the story is at 2 years later. In truth I am a single woman who doesn’t want my families land to get sold. I used to run a fundraising program in Fort McMurray that got lost in the fires as well. I have peaked and lost almost everything but I am trying very hard to stay on the land. I am a strong farmers union member and have a beautiful support network. I find myself wondering these days though as to where all the people have gone.

  4. Rolf

    Visiting Edmonton picked what I am pretty sure is a horse mushroom agricus arvenis. Talked to Eric didn’t have much info suggested I ask you.

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