French Breakfast Radish

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Another vegetable is in season locally. I’m not sure why one of the easiest vegetables to grow has eluded me since I started gardening. Hm. Perhaps it in fact is not one of the easiest vegetables to grow? If it gets too much heat, they go woody and overly hot. They need to grow fast and cool. I think. What do I know. My success rate certainly does not make me an authority.

I do know I took this photo a week ago. My first successful harvest of radishes. French breakfast radishes are pretty looking things – oblong and pinky-red with lots of white. And although I admittedly wouldn’t want a 5-gal pail of these things all at once, it’s a superb change of pace for the palate at this time of year. Crunch, fresh, and zippy.

This particular cold frame success is important (as usual) around here. When I started gardening we’d eat spinach mid-May. Maybe some baby lettuces. Radish success adds to the growing list of ‘new-to-us’ early availability of arugula, red russian kale, mache, miner’s lettuce, pea shoots, baby spinach, dill, red mustard, dandelion, nodding onion, wild chive, welsh onion, tarragon, wild thyme, Italian oregano, and rhubarb. With the help of non-energy-consumptive cold frames and some hardy perennials, spring eating from the garden can be anything but boring.

3 Comments on “French Breakfast Radish”

  1. amy manning

    Radishes challenge me too. I don’t like them as much as others, but would like to succesfully grow them. I think I will get a decent harvest without getting too hot this year. I do like a mild radish chopped on top of tacos and in salads. Oh, and they are pretty good with just a bit of cold butter and salt.

  2. Barry

    I’d take a 5 gallon bucket !! Pickled radishes are fantastic. As soon as my crop is ready, I am going to try to pickle the radish greens as well.

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