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Organic grains from just outside the city – a bit of a dream come true for me. I could buy organic bananas and skads of other items grown overseas, shipped, then trucked to me.  I could buy large sacks of organic flour from Anita’s Organic in Chilliwack, BC. But I couldn’t seem to find a good supplier of larger quantities of organic grains from the vast fields of cereal crops surrounding our city.  It didn’t make sense.

Problem solved. These folks are my new


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  1. What a powerful message. So, he mills his own wheat and sells the flour. I am IN. Does he sell only one kind? I will look at his blog. I usually mill my own with my Thermomix, and I have a stone grinder, too… but, I do need a high protein flour for bread and I so wish we had numbered flours here like they do in France so I could get what I need…
    However, what a gold mine. I have had a wheat storage and been using whole wheat berries since I was 18… just off the cusp of the Hippie generation – about 5 years too young, but the belief system is still there.

  2. Valerie…the numbering system in France? Do they number the quality of flour for different cooking requirements? I guess I can Google it but I am interested.

    We will be adding different types of whole grain flour as we grow. We will soon be grinding Rye Flour for instance and future flours could include Pea Flour, Mustard Powder, Red Fife Flour and many other types. Just keep checking our blog for updates. Thanks for your support too!


  3. [...] who will pay that or better. I was glad to run into another farmer [first one, John Schneider of Gold Forest Grains] who, in the face of the easier, profitable route of selling abroad, chooses to work harder to keep [...]

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