Fruit Blossoms


Red Sparkle Apple (the beginning of 2011 wine vintage)


Wild Strawberry

Red Currant

Strawberry - non-wild variety

Ps. This is my 600th post, wordpress tells me.

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  1. Lovely pictures; I like how you get in so tight on the blossoms. I see my Saskatoon’s are in bloom as well which is good, we’re getting down to the bottom of the berries in the freezer.

  2. Wild strawberries! Good for you!! I can’t even get the “tame ones” to overwinter!

  3. DId you see my garden post – (just found all from last year in DRAFT version, still!!!) anyway – there is a bush there that needs identifying – and clues?

  4. Karlynn says:

    Lovely blooms and congrats on the prolific blogging!

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