Fussy Eaters

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I don’t get it. Do people not have to eat what they’re served anymore? I thought we learned this simple etiquette when we were toddlers.

I get not being into certain foods. I don’t particularly like water chestnuts. But you don’t find me making a face, and creating a scene about it when faced with a feared water chestnut. Water chestnuts will not permanently harm my internal organs, my ability to have more children, or cause violent diarrhea or vomiting, so I eat them, and make a mental note to not cook with them at home. Ever. And while I’m at it, I don’t bother my dining company or worse, my host or hostess by clearly stating my unimportant preference, for all to hear. I don’t insult them by making faces as if they just served me feces. I don’t make a scene – heck, I don’t even pick them out of the dish. I just eat the damn water chestnuts. Is that so hard?!?

My conclusion: people are fussy eaters because a) they are closed minded and/or, far more commonly b) they are trying to be special. If I hate water chestnuts and make a big-ass big deal about it, it makes me different and special, and gets me some attention. The bigger the fuss, the more special I must be, and the more attention I may garner. People will then cater to my specialness. I think people should try to be special in other ways, and eat whatever they’re damn-well served.

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