Garden Harvest…still?

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One of my goals this past gardening season was to extend our harvest, and provision more of our veg from our garden via our newly built root cellar – which I checked this morning and was sitting at 1.1C. I’m very pleased. We’re already vastly enjoying the luxury of having a passively cooled walk-in fridge, and the winter’s hardly started.

Little did I know that this fall would offer an unusual opportunity to harvest well into mid-November. I’m sure this is normal for some, but it certainly is not here. We’re used to garden harvest ending early in October for the most part – so this extra month of garden feels like a gift. Today,  the ground is white and it’s snowing – but only a couple days ago I was harvesting Jarusalem Artichokes, celery, swiss chard, sorrel, kale, baby salad greens sown early fall, belgian endive roots to force in the cellar, etc. And this is without any help from a cold frame, which I intend on using going forward to extend the seasons.

So as the snow flies, I have bags of fresh greens to enjoy in the coming weeks. I’m very grateful. I got lucky this year. Hopefully next year cold frames will allow the same kind of late season harvesting. We shall see.

5 Comments on “Garden Harvest…still?”

  1. eric

    Hey Kevin,
    So stoked that i came across your blog. Beautiful stuff here, that i can totally relate to. I foresee some more time reading through your posts. I am also from a family steeped in hunting tradition and i feel a deep conection with the animals i kill and the nutrients they provide my family. more power to eating local and eating wild.

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  3. A Canadian Foodie

    The same happened at our house – and I was so very grateful. After the first snow, I was still able to harvest sage, parsley, thyme, and oregano. I was really amazed with how hardy each of them was. Then. I was out still using the parsley the first 10 days after it snowed as it was frozen in perfect picking condition.

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