Ginormous Veg Fun


Our friend Maki [who happens to live down the street] was talkin’ smack about their giant tomato. Yup. They’re gonna take it in the tomato category this year – but I’m pretty confident we’ve got it in the carrot category. I’m gonna pickle this sucker into many, many jars.

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  1. Jason Kossowan says:

    Such a cute picture! :D

  2. MakiB says:


    I CAN NOT believe that. I think I need to swing by to see it in person cuz it feels a little wee bit photoshopped ;)

  3. JK – yep.
    Maki – Oh, it’s not photoshopped. I’m glad you thought it was funny. ;)

  4. Mel says:

    Good lord. That is one gigantic carrot.

  5. Hilarious! I didn’t know you and Maki were neighbours. How great for the two of you foodies! I would like to know how you got that one out of the ground in one piece!!!

  6. Ange says:


  7. jeff says:

    that’ll make a serious load of pickled carrots. I actually just started pickling this year but only used a pre made dill mixture for my pickles and carrot. To tell the truth, I am not impressed with the results and know that any fresh recipe would undoubtdly produce a better product. But…… its sifting through all the old grandma recipes to find the best one.

    trial and error i suppose. im sure in ten or fifteen years, I’ll be making great pickles.

  8. Karlynn says:

    Love the carrot, but love the excited look on your daughters face more! That’s what I love the most about my garden,the opportunity for my po’ city kids to get down and dirty helping to grow their own food.

  9. [...] had I not started the day at my dad’s pulling and packing away into storage the truckload of giant carrots he had that he wasn’t going to use. So I have about four 5-gallon pails of carrots stowed [...]

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