Glut of Green

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I’ve been enjoying other people’s posts about their gardens, and figured some posting about my own is long overdue. A success in this crappy year of gardening: leafy greens. How crappy? Frost warning tonight crappy enough for ya? Anyway, I figured it was time I thinned some of my copious greens this evening, and just finished washing a dozen or so spinners full of mixed greens – buttercrunch, spinach, red lettuces, arugula, a variety of mustards, leaf lettuces, head lettuces, chicories. I basically bought a whack of mixes and individual packets from various sources, dumped them into a ziploc, and that’s my seed mix for my greens this year. I may do the same next year, cause lord does it make interesting salads. My new fav this year? Mustards. Man they rock.
my large bed of greens. i have others…

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