Goose & Duck Hunting 2007 – Hunt 2

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When my uncle was meeting me to butcher the birds from the last hunt, he noticed these birds going into a swathed barley field. Having secured permission from the farmer, we ‘spotted’ it Friday morning and evening to observe where the birds were feeding, and went in yesterday morning. It was yet another successful hunt.

So what do we do with all these birds?? Well there were 5 of us this time, and the daily bag limit is 8 per person. So we each take 8 geese. Most of the first geese I took are being cured and will be smoked. I’d also like to try a smoked jerky. Some will be frozen, and then sent to a butcher to process into sausage. It will be shared with friends and family to an extent that will leave me without by the end of October.

Goose is a tremendous culinary challenge as a meat. Poultry meets beef, but SUPER tough. The texture forces you to scramble to find ways around it – and the intuitive things like wet cooking methods don’t necessarily solve the problem. I fell dry cooking methods like roasting and grilling inevitably result in disaster. The texture is even a bit of an issue when ground for sausage making. Duck poses another challenge: it tastes like organ meat, in my opinion. I call it ‘flying liver’. So if you’re into that, it’s good. If you’re not [my hand is raised], it also gets processed into sausage.

The bottom line is that there are far more culinarily desirable game meats, so I have to watch how much I take. I believe I’ve arrived at my limit.

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