Green Beans

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These are the best beans I’ve ever grown. I’ve grown a lot of different cultivars, and more often than not the plants hate the pummeling of heat my south-facing garden gets – and my yield and quality is hideous. But this year, for some reason, the beans decided to bloom again in late August, and are producing perfect, beautifully textured green beans into September.

My day was filled full of foodie things – did our weekly pastry and deli stop in the morning, visited a great wine shop, did some ‘spotting’ for geese in the evening [saw about 800 or so], made a beef-tomato-coconut milk-curry soup to eat in the field while hunting [long story], grilled probably the best game burger I’ve had this summer [and I had to pull out the grinder to pull that one off, dammit]. So busy day.

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