Green Re-emerging. Slowly. As am I.

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Like many others, I’ve been busy with hands in dirt. We’ve had a very mild winter up here, and my spring projects are a lot further along than I anticipated. The shot above is some asparagus I’m trying in flats from seed to bolster my supply long-term. So far so good.

I’ve felt the odd pang of guilt for not blogging as often as I ‘should’. Seems reading [researching garden and masonry projects] every spare hour has quickly transitioned to shoveling gravel and dirt every spare hour. My lawn is in some big, big trouble. A good piece of it has already succumbed to my will. But I’m finding that lawn’s friends are deeply loyal, and I do not find myself inundated by support or understanding for my quest against the lawn. Good thing I own the deed and the shovel…

One Comment on ““Green Re-emerging. Slowly. As am I.”

  1. Ferdzy

    I'm happy to give you some long distance support in your quest against the lawn. Down with lawns! Although you will need to put some sort of barrier between your new gardens and what remains of the lawn, or you will find yourself singing "I fought the lawn, and the lawn won!" etc.

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