Green Salsa and Refried Bean Taco

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First order of business is to give props to Maryann for being such a sweetie. She makes me sound like I know what I’m doing. Just to be clear: I don’t. But I’m really glad my online blabbering is entertaining enough for someone to take the trouble to read regularly, leave comments, and even post about it.

Now. I love refried beans. And I like tacos very much. But the tasty bit I’d like to focus on is what I’m going to call ‘green salsa’, for lack of a better term. I’m rushing through this post because I want to go eat more of it.

2 bunches of cilantro
zest of 3 limes
3 large fresh tomatoes [still from the garden!]2 de-seeded fresh jalepeno peppers
1 large de-seeded poblano pepper
1 bunch scallions, green parts only
a few good pinches of kosher salt

And below – a proud addition to my kitchen knife gear [the top one, that is]. The veg knife and paring knife are in there for scale. Pretty impressive no? A reciprocating saw for the kitchen. I think I should get a prize for ‘most obscure multi-tasker that even Alton Brown doesn’t have in his kitchen’. Or maybe he does. I’d put nothing past that man [who I admire very much]. What the hell did he buy that for???, you ask? Oh, you’ll see, in the next few days.

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