Grilling Game Over Wood Fire


I’m starting to figure out that grilling season is most enjoyable in the shoulder seasons. It’s cooler, there are fewer bugs, and the fire is a welcome heat. Grilling over fire in the heat of July is cool if you feel like melting your face off to get dinner going. Especially if you need to be standing in the sun to get the job done. So a-grilling-I-have-gone this spring. Can I still call it spring? I think so, if folks in the province are still getting


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  1. Judy Z says:

    I was so happy to see a new blog on your site. I expect you have been busy with that new little one. Plus I expect the fire ban put a kibosh on grilling. How does your garden grow?

  2. Where did you get the muskox?
    I had an entire shoulder sent to me from this guy once – with a few prime cuts of caribou and some arctic char. No one knew how to cook any of it in those days – around 1995. Computers were out, but the research brought up nothing. However, I did well and both were yummy. That’s about all I remember.

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