Hardcore Gardening in January

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Perhaps it’s the days getting longer. Perhaps it’s that I’m cooped up inside. Perhaps it’s the lack of fresh food around the house. Whatever it is, I seem to be spending more time obsessing about gardening, here in the end of January, than I do in August. I’ve got to be close to having read all the books at the library on the topics of permaculture, organic gardening, forest gardening, and composting. My design plan for the coming year has eraser marks and notes all over it. I’ve already received most of my seed ordered [mostly from Johnny’s] for the coming year. I’m feeling a tad obsessed.

I forgive my obsession only because, well, January sucks, and I DO have a fairly major project in that I’m eliminating 90% or so of our lawn this coming spring via sheet mulch to become mixed gardens – part forest garden, part annual veg. For an interesting quicky on forest gardening, check this out:

6 Comments on “Hardcore Gardening in January”

  1. Kathie

    Wow, Removing 90% of your lawn in one year is quite a task! Awesome. January & Februrary do seem to be hard months for us Gardeners.

  2. Claire

    I'd be really interested in hearing more about your forest garden plans.. which plants you plan to put in etc. I'm in Calgary and have permaculture hopes for the front yard (northfacing) and am not sure what would be best for an Ab climate. So many perm. books are about California and Australia! Saskatoon berry is on the list so far..

  3. Kevin Kossowan

    Kathie – a task indeed. Seems the big task is finding the mulch. Other than that, I'm not too worried.

    Claire – google up Ron at the Urban Farmer. He's got a very good list on his website that is very local. I hear ya on the books being a little out of touch climate-wise.

  4. Challahbaker

    I know this is unrelated. I am searching for Engedura yeast. I have used it off and on. It is hands down, my favorite. Even though the distributor is in Dallas, I can find no record for them. I am currently using Oetker which is pretty good. Thanks, Ellen

  5. ann

    May I introduce you to winter sowing? wintersown.org. It's kept my gardening mania at a dull roar this year because at least I can get my hands a little dirty. Go you on the removing of the lawn! Isaac won't let me do that. He says the lawn mowing is good for us (we use a reel mower, so he's definitely right).

  6. Cheryl Arkison

    I tried to convince Hubby of that when we were landscaping last year. His lawn won on the condition that I work for a community garden in the park across the street.

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