Henry’s Salmon Steak

Henry just called. For those of you who don’t know, Henry is a friend, cousin, and professional fisherman. He’s the man. We’ve waterskied together, written a record together, butchered meat together. He called to let me know that his mother-in-law [my great aunt], passed away today. That kind of news always puts a fresh spin on things.

So this evening, I thought I’d share Henry’s method of making boneless salmon steaks. I think it’s quite genius. See, I don’t mind picking bones out of fish for the most part, but I am not a fan of picking out bones that have been cut into a million little pieces during the conventional steak cutting process. Those million little bones, and the propensity towards freezer burned belly sections make me a non-fan of salmon steaks.

Method: debone a fillet, skin-on. Cut a 2 inch strip off the fillet [perpendicular to the length]. Then cut that 2inch piece lengthwise down the middle all the way to, but not through the skin. Then flip it so the skin is touching against itself, and you get what you see above. What this also accomplishes is uniform steak thickness – as it will be 1″ thick regardless of whether it’s cut from the thin tail or thick shoulder.

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