How to Build a Cider or Wine Press

I almost did it. I almost spent $350-500 on a juice press. It would last me a lifetime, and be an infrastructure-esque purchase worth the splurge. I needed to get geared up for making wine now that my grapes are here. One of my newest obsessions is making apple wine, cider vinegars, and other unmbentionable biproducts. More on that soon enough. Last winter was spent researching what kinds of presses were

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  1. [...] and some out of hand. But the vast, vast majority are about to meet their fate in my crusher and press setup – soon to be fermenting away into what appears may be a lovely white wine. The aromatics on [...]

  2. Dang – saved me $700 in 5 minutes. Awesome – this was my #2 problem about 2 weeks from now.


  3. Thank you, Kevin. Thank you. Truly. Ingenious.

  4. Jermeister says:

    Just stumbled onto your site. Fantastic idea for a grape crusher! I am not getting any info on your plunger redesign when i click on the link. would love to see your solution, as i have about 200 lbs of grapes that need crushing.

  5. Ed says:

    Wow. GREAT idea. I was going to build something that would have saved me a couple hundred bucks and look a bit like the Italian presses, forgoing the ratchet… But this is even better. Somehow i have an abundance of scissor jacks and at least one shall be re-purposed. Glad I tripped on your site!

  6. Andrew says:

    I love it. I can not wait to get home from college this weekend and put something like this together. Originally planned on only getting must, but I think I may double my order and convert to grapes and press them!!

  7. [...] is a strong wooden frame with a carjack that drives a plunger onto the crushed fruit, described here.  Thank you, [...]

  8. Peter says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Trying to find your design revision for the wine press but the link doesn’t work. Can you post it again?


  9. Melissa says:

    I also had trouble finding the revised press plans, but here is the link:

  10. Brian says:

    Great Idea. Wine making for several years without a press. Too cheap to buy one. I have about twenty food quality PVC buckets and a shed full of 2X4’s. Several jacks too. BUT—–cannot find the upgrades anywhere at the site. I think I may know what they are, but a shortcut would be very much appreciated.

  11. staggering jack says:

    I am going to build one tomorrow . I will use six by six angle iron brackets pre-drilled for carriage bolts to beef up the gussets . Probably go with a hydralic jack to as I have poop loads of them kicking about the driveway .

    Couple of springs off two motorcycle front shocks mounted over guide rods and a sling made of four inch square 095 cold rolled tubing to hold the jack upright .

    A two inch diameter stainless plunger shaft with half inch thick stainless round plate to fit inside a half of a beer pony keg.
    Should work well .

    bottoms up boy and girls.

  12. Aaron says:

    Too funny. I was just looking at $500 wine presses and thought about building my own with a car jack. I had a good chuckle when I saw your build of nearly exactly what I had going on in my head. The nesting bucket as press head: brilliant. Thanks for sharing your design.

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