I Heart Making Italian Sausage

Look kinda gross? Sorry, it’s just hungarian paprika making some otherwise very nice pork look not so very nice. This is mis-en-place for some Friday-night-sausage-making. This time around: sweet Italian sausage, as per the direction of Ruhlman in ‘Charcuterie’. You may tire of hearing me flog this book, but I will never cease to tire of flogging it.

For the record, this sausage has a flavor profile that could be toned down a bit for my palate, but it’s got a flavor profile not unlike a 92-93 point fruit bomb of a wine – it tastes nice up front, but then the mid-palate and finish pummel you with concentration and dynamism. It has ‘wow’ factor and charisma to spare. Only mistake I made is that I ground the back fat on a coarser die than I should have, so the fat has a distinguishable texture that may put some people off. For those unfamiliar – back fat is super-hard fat, relatively speaking. Otherwise, this sausage style will be a staple in my house. Especially with grill season slowly approaching. Very slowly. ‘I just shoveled snow onto my 4 foot snowbank’ kinda slowly.

I apologize for no lovely finished product pictures fit for a magazine. First, I can’t take pictures like that, and second, I ate all the stuff I didn’t freeze – distracted by my bliss to think of taking a picture.

I need to make more sausage. And eat more pork.

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